DICE Conference + Festival

Web Design & Web Development

DICE is a festival & conference in Berlin which aims to elevate vital and innovative voices whose contributions to the artistic field are underrepresented. With art direction by Danielle Kourtesis and custom typeface & identity by Zeitype, the identity is brought to life with a color-shifting, reactive fluid blob and background.

An in-browser tool was also created for high resolution exports and recordings of the shape to be used for posters and other promotional material.

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Tonal Journal

Web Design & Web Development

TONAL Journal is a publication dedicated to celebrating women of color. The beautiful photography and video assets are laid out with a generative grid system that changes with each refresh, while the scroll-warped audio plays on the concept of “tonal.” Built with Vue.js, WordPress and Shopify API.

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Magpie Studio

Web Design & Web Development

Magpie needed a website to present their wide range of bold, clever work in depth and detail. Playful interactions delight the user, and a custom layout editor allow Magpie to tailor each case study. In collaboration with No Plans.

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Alexander Coggin

Web Design & Web Development

A website designed to showcase the vibrant and sprawling photography work of Alexander Coggin. Built with Vue.js and WordPress.

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Fragments in Space

Web Development & Sound Design

A digital exploration of modernist design elements, built with Three.js and Timbre.js. Concept and art direction by Kara Zichittella.

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Concept, Design & Development

Postconscious is a web experiment & art project that pulls the latest posts from Twitter and reads them aloud. A search input gives you the opportunity to hear current chatter on nearly any subject you can dream of. Read more about the project on The Verge.

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Andreas Greiner

Web Development & WordPress

The design by Sin-U Ko is as dynamic and unconventional as Andreas Greiner’s work. Free movement and micro/macro views show the depth and range of this artist’s work. The site was built as a WordPress theme to allow for full customization.

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Joanna Szproch

Web Design, Web Development & CMS

Made in collaboration with Berlin based photographer Joanna Szproch, with a 3D WebGL intro and custom fullscreen portfolio display. All of the photos and text are editable via a content management system, Kirby CMS.

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Branding, App Design & iOS Development

Out of personal interest, and the desire to learn iOS Swift development, I designed and built this simple skate spot utility. It’s available for download in the App Store.

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Marfa Journal

Web Design & Development

Marfa Journal approached me to build a promotional website for their new biannual art journal. Inspired by the art direction and photography, I made a fun one-pager to show what the publication is all about.

The site is updated with new colors and photos to reflect each current issue.

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Iggy x Madden

Web Design & Web Development

A custom Tumblr theme for the launch of the pop star’s shoe collaboration, with a rotating 3D panoramic collage background and floating GIFs. The project went awry when she threw a fit on social media about some of the photos, and the site was promptly deleted. Art direction and photography by James Orlando.

Berlin Community Radio

Web Design & Development

Berlin Community Radio was an online radio station presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. I helped them out with a design of their relauched website on a tight budget.

Berlin Community Radio closed its doors in February 2019.

Our Family Shoes

Web Design & Shopify Development

Our Family needed a one-page shop for their new brand, so I designed and built a custom Shopify theme with them. Bold colors and the photography of chinese activist artist Ren Hang emphasises Our Family’s message of anti-censorship.


Theme Design & Development

Fixed. is a hi-res, fullscreen, responsive & minimal Tumblr theme. It’s a featured Tumblr theme and currently has over 70,000 active installs on the blogging platform.

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Visual Design, Interaction Design, Web Development

app.icns is a project created together with Kara Zichittella. It’s an exploration of shape, color, and minimalism. We wanted to see how far we could reduce the hyper-realistic icons, while maintaining recognition.

The project is presented in an equally simple, yet unique interface.

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Theme Design & Development

Highline is a commisioned theme for the TicTail online shopping platform. The design puts an emphasis on imagery and typography, with few visual elements, to allow the products to speak for themselves. The theme was also designed and developed responsively, so shops look great on any device.

There is no doubt that the moment you try this theme you are going to let an “Oooh” slip from your lips, since this theme practically forces your store into looking good. With its clever choice of font and well-balanced focus on both images and design this theme will transform your store into a classy boutique with an air of pride about it.

Tictail was acquired by Shopify in April 2019


Design Consulting, Web Design & Web Development

Django is an open source web framework, used to build web apps big and small, including Pinterest, Rdio and The Guardian. Their website was outdated, with a 10 year old look and feel. I updated the visual design with fresher colors, ample whitespace and clear typography, while maintaining a familiarity to the documentation that thousands of developers rely on daily. A web styleguide was also created to help the foundation contributors maintain consistency for further Django related endeavors.

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